About us


In 2002 the non-profit organisation La Société d'aménagement et de gestion environnementale du bassin versant du lac des Trente-et-Un-Milles (SAGE) was founded. SAGE was created by a group of passionate volunteers and was governed by elected municipal council members, environmental protection associations and private businesses representatives. In reaction to the irresponsible squatting of islands and shores at the time, leaving behind garbage and mauled trees and vegetation, SAGE established its primary mandate as environmental protection on Thirty-One-Mile Lake and set out to organize camping activities on the body of water and on surrounding lakes in the watershed.

Organized camping sites are situated on land leased by the Quebec Ministy of Energy and Natural Ressources. Thanks to the work accomplished by SAGE, the Ministry also emitted a series of protection leases on smaller island where camping is prohibited.

As of 2016, SAGE began passing on its responsibilities to the Corporation du Parc Régional du lac 31 Milles (Corporation). The Corporation is governed by elected officials from the municipalities and regional county municipalities (RCM) surrounding 31 Mile Lake, the Association for the Protection of the Thirty-One-Mile Lake, the Pôle d’excellence en récréotourisme de l’Outaouais and the private business Village Majopial.

The Corporation is the entity chosen to manage the future regional park territory which the RCM Vallée-de-la-Gatineau and RCM Antoine-Labelle are working together to establish. This goal to establish a true regional park is sought to define a larger public territory to protect and manage surrounding this exceptional body of water.

Today the Corporation manages all camping activities and environmental protection activities and planning. Infused with the same love of the land and the same environmental protection priorities, the SAGE and the Corporation have merged to create a single entity enriched by its passionate volunteer roots and equipped to continue to manage responsible development for future generations.


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